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Skyly finds progressive voters with the desire and capacity to support your organization.

Your fundraising team is at its best engaging with prospects, not searching for them. Why cold-call voters who are merely predicted to be progressive when you can start with the ones who are demonstrably so? Skyly saves you time by locating people in your target districts who share your values, and have the ability to contribute.

So how does it work?


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    Listens for social media postings generated in your target district, city, or even statewide.
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    Identifies registered voters among the social media profiles using a combination of text and geolocation algorithms.
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    Assesses each profile's political engagement and alignment.
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    Blends profiles with wealth and political donation data, resulting in actionable prospect dossiers, accessed through an easy-to-use dashboard.

The Dossiers

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Each Skyly dossier pairs a voter with his or her social media profiles, including details helpful for assessing their value as a prospect:

Basic Voter Profile: Demographic and contact information from the voter file.

Household Members: Go deeper by researching spouses, siblings, and parents of prospects.

Contribution History: Including the year, recipient, and party affiliation of political donations possibly made by the voter.

Wealth Indicators: Including home value and more coming soon.

Call Sheet: A familiar one page printable format, including essential information in addition to social support score, picture, home value, and contribution history.

Twitter Profile: Including personal photo, bio, location, followers count, and political interests.

Recent Tweets: Gain insights into what the prospect finds interesting, relevant, or funny right now.

The Dashboard

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Skyly provides a data discovery dashboard to help you focus on the prospects most likely to be helpful to your organization.

Tweet Search: Search across all prospects for mentions of relevant hashtags, names, or phrases.

Email Reports: A configurable daily discovery of the best prospects, weekly summary reports, or custom queries.

Custom Filtering: Focus your research by age, contribution history, home value, support score, interests, and more.

Map View: Inform your door-knocking efforts or gather insights into regional interests by viewing prospects on a map.

Custom Lists: Create unlimited printable prospect lists, private or shared with your team.

Americans who follow political figures on social media also tend to be highly engaged and more likely to make a campaign contribution.
— Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project - November 2014

Case Studies

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"This was a helpful financial boost at a critical time. More importantly, we've added new supporters to our list for contact in the future. "
Twitter users are more politically active and Democratic, compared to other social media networks.
— Quantcast - September 2014

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